A day in Kher’s life #2: Paddling in Zürich 


27 June 2017, Zürich, Switzerland 


“We’re going to spend the evening on our boat in the river today. Do you want to join us?” asks Karin, my Warmshowers host in Zurich.

“Of course!” I reply with a high tone, unable to hide my excitement. 

It is my second day in Zurich. Valerio is busy packing away to catch his high speed trains back to Rome, after having crossed Splugenpass and made it to Zurich with me.



“Grazie per il bel tempo,” I thank Valerio for the great time spent together and kiss him goodbye.

He pedals away to the train station, and I head back to the apartment feeling as if something has been taken off me. No tears this round, though. It’s already our fourth separation, despite having met each other two months ago.


Weather, check. It’s cloudy and dry. Karin, Philipp and I happily set off from their apartment with Philipp carrying the most weight – a full deconstructed boat weighting up to 20kg on his back. “You look like a turtle,” I jokingly said to him.

Just a 5-minute walk, and we’re greeted by a sea of people lying around in their bikinis or swimtanks. The river is so close by!


Philipp has finished putting every piece into its right position. We’ve got a boat now. Not far from us are four young men in the river, each in their donut-like floating equipment happily moving along the water current.


The boat is on the river. Three of us take turn to chill out, paddle and swim. There’s a ‘party boat’ nearby. People are gathering in a circle while sipping on alcoholic drinks.


We’ve paddled about 13km, and are now back onto the shore, having dinner. It starts drizzling on us and the food. 


We walk to a nearby train station and get tickets back to Zurich centre. Two short rides cost 6 Franken each person. It reflects the high prices of goods and services in Switzerland. 

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