Trip delayed/ Life in Graz 

If you wonder why I haven’t started my Romania trip with Martin, it’s because we’re busy sorting things out of his old apartment. So many things to clear out, pack and move; it’s in fact tougher than packing up my camp every day!

We’re exhausted!

As our initial plan to slowly cycle across Hungary for two weeks to arrive in Romania before my Schengen stay hit 91 days fell through, we should be changing our direction and head south to cross Croatia & Serbia to Romania at my relaxing pace, instead of pushing a 120km per day 😐

Here’s me moving household items around in the town:



My little truck behind! Yes I did carry broom, mop etc. what you need to clean a home

Some bits from half a month in Graz:

Martin’s curry that I got to enjoy after a 15km walk & jog ♡

Martin is German, and he makes really good curry. This is about the right level of spiciness, comparable to Malaysian curry instead of what an average European calls spicy (which is really mild). Now you know why I don’t have such homesickness 😊

Chocolate chip cookies

My crispy flatbread served with mushrooms, zucchini, egg and cheese


Instead of making, I drew the icecream I missed in Italy

A couch/mattress to sleep on; every night with windows open. The room faces the apartment backyard where birds gather on trees to sing in the morning 😍

Running errands in town

I moved the rack Valerio put on my bike to Martin’s ☺

His new panniers and helmet arrived!

Now both of us will carry 4 panniers yay!
It’s interesting to see myself grabbing at the chance to cook and bake in the apartment, as I know that once on the road my cooking will be pretty much limited. I suppose, taking away your privilege every now and then will make you appreciate it more.

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