Day 4: Fish spa by the river

Yesterday evening, my gear broke and it made a lot of noise as I kept on pedalling. Unfortunately I left my repair kit with Martin and couldn’t fix it (nor that I had the luxury of time to – all I thought about was to arrive in Croatia before dark).

At 8pm, I managed to exit Slovenia after an interrogation from an old border police officer who wrongly believed that I’ve been illegally staying in Europe for over a year. I stared in disbelief as I listened to his false accusation, mistaking the whole EU as Schengen Zone; my mind wandered to a similar incident last year at the Greece border, whose officers mistook ‘HR’ as Hungary (it should be Hrvatska meaning Croatia).

Today I woke up to the morning heat just before 7am. It’s usual that I wrap myself in thick sleeping bags before dozing off at night, and wake up to the sun because it gets too bright or warm.
I took a morning bath in the river, which is just beside my sleeping spot. It’s a nice public area, off the main road and nearby a village. There’s a table with benches as well.

At noon I charged my phone slightly with my solar panel, and found it overheating in the black pocket.

Cooked some spicy rice for lunch with my tiny stove.

Two Croatian families came to enjoy the river in the afternoon; the first one with an adorable dog that catches whatever the father throws into the river.

Hiding under the shadows of the tree , I thought about setting off after the sweltering heat with UV index of 8 at 5pm, but decided to stay as it’s just lovely here.
Had fish spa throughout the day by the tiny fish feasting on the dead skin of my legs. It felt tingling in a nice way. 

Tried out the emergency aluminium blanket afterwards. It proved to be useful as my body warmed up under it.

I would head to a bicycle store tomorrow to find a solution for my broken gear.