Is homesickness a sign of one’s inability?

People who have moved or travelled to another country or town for an extended period of time must have experienced homesickness at one or more points of his life. It often hits you when you’re over the initial high of being in a new environment, sampling exotic cuisine, being greeted in a different language, observing how different things are.

Once you settle into your new routine, the magic disappears and you might find yourself missing food that you used to take for granted, friends who speak your language and understand your jokes, or perhaps the friendliness of the people back home. Which brings us to the question: Is homesickness a sign of your inability? 

Does it occur because you fail to learn the language of your new society and hence could not make new friends, resulting in isolation and loneliness?

Or is it because you could not cook a simple meal for yourself to a level of minimum satisfaction, therefore you are at the mercy of meals served in your new neighbourhood, whose ‘exoticness’ has faded, and in your newly adjusted mind, are not suitable for daily consumption?

Does homesickness occur, because the new town that you have long dreamed to live in, actually has its dark sides that you didn’t see coming, for you have always imagined it to be a paradise on earth?

If one could adapt and learn new skills when unhappiness resulting from the lack of them shows up as his surroundings change, he could just be as content and feel at home no matter where he finds himself in.