A humid week with new friends

One week has passed since I stepped my foot on the bank of this beautiful river of Drava on the Croatian side.

Are you curious where I am now?

The answer is: I am still here!

I slept under the stars for nights by the river. Every day, a few families or individuals with dogs would drop by to take a swim and have a cup of beer, or a sip of ice cream. 

The weather was great initially. I managed to play with light, and took the pictures below:

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Until the fifth morning, it started drizzling on me and woke me up from my cocoon at 4am. I pulled over an aluminium sheet over my body and dozed off soon after. 

I met Eduard by the river in the following morning, who was walking his dog Bonni. He invited me for coffee at his place and offered to help change my broken gear cable. 

Eduard on the left 

His friend Darijan dropped by and joined the repair session. 

Darijan and Bonni

They helped me change the front gear cable, and repaired the back gear that was not functioning well.

We ended up becoming friends, making corn-grilling party in the river with the freshly harvested corns from Darijan’s field. Yes you read that right, we had a party in the river. A little island was formed on the shallow part of the river with stones, woods collected and fire started.

No photo on that as we had to cross the waist-deep river to get there.

After the party, it rained on us and we went hiding in his car

After the grilling party, we had a blast playing volleyball with his brother and sister in law. At first I was really frustrated that I couldn’t hit the ball across as the server; every serve from me was a free point to the opposite team. After an hour I began to hit the ball across – it was something worth celebrating! 😄


The bad side of living outdoors in summer is that every insect alive is gonna bug you in a way or another: pain or itch. And that’s how I end up with a bruised thigh as shown below.

Fret not, it’s still wonderful time as I have been showered with love since the people took notice of me. They put effort into making sure I am fine, bringing me tap water, fresh produce, ice cream etc.

On the second day we met, Rosana told me that she has a little wooden cabin no longer in use, and advised me to take shelter in it if it happens to rain.

After 5 nights by the river, I finally took her advice and moved my belongings into it, with the help of Darijan and his nephew.

It was bad weather. Looking outside from the cabin, I felt lucky to have avoided the thunderstorm under a solid roof.

Today,  the little ones came to play with me.

We jumped on the trampoline, drew on the board; they performed back flips, and I side flips. 

Tena & Julia

We had a board game session on a round table.

I made them balloon bears, and they drew me a portrait of us 😀

It has been a lovely week. Martin is finally on his way from Graz, pedalling away; we should be meeting each other tomorrow. Can’t wait to introduce him to the others 😊

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