Croatia: Making fire, picking vegetables & bike repair

Martin has joined me again after one week in Graz.

We spent three nights together in the hut. It was either cloudy or stormy.

We made fire constantly in order to cook our meals, either on my small wood stove or in the open.

At night, we made olive oil candle to light up the hut as it had no electricity.

When we departed from the lovely village it was still cloudy. We got ourselves some bread.

En route we saw some horses.

We took long afternoon break, making lunch and taking a nap as the UV index got too high to continue the journey.

We met Rade, a bike store owner, at a petrol station who just came back from a day road bike trip to Hungary with a group of friends. He invited us to have a drink, and to spend a night at his serene vacation home in the countryside. 

We had fun chatting and drinking ‘Gemischt’, a mixture of wine and carbonated water, eating Jager and other local sausages, before dozing off to sleep.

The next day, we did our laundry and had breakfast before heading to Rade’s store, Fortius Bike Shop, as he offered to check our bicycles. 

He helped us fix some problems, and we bought new cassette and chain for my bike at a discounted price.

If you happen to pass by Koprivnica, do drop Rade a message at as he would love to host more cycle tourers (We’re the first! 😀)

He drove us back to his place afterwards. We visited his garden full of tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, parsley etc.

We had the pleasure to pick up some vegetables from his garden before parting.

On the road some dogs would come up to us waving their tails.

The heat wave is already here, making midday unbearably hot.

We’ve been searching around for 95% alcohol to cook our meals; we could keep using wood but it takes more effort and time. Unfortunately anywhere we went no one has it. In the pharmacy they only have up to 70% which is not ideal for fire. 

If you’re planning to tour, camp and cook in Croatia, do bring your own alcohol fuel or consider an alternative fuel, so that you wouldn’t end up not having fuel to cook your meals ☺

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