Cycling through East Croatia: Arrival of police & spontaneous hosting invitation 

This week has been very hot. Martin and I could not cycle under the mid day sun as temperature shot up to 40 Celsius degrees. 

Ice cream seems very attractive in such weather. I had four of them in a day.

It came without fresh berries – I picked them up from a tree.

Peaches are a healthier and less costly option.

3 Kuna for these – only 0.41€!

We swam in a lake at sunset before going to sleep. 

Lake Lapovac, nearby Našice, in Osijek and Baranja Region

The next morning before leaving 

The goat lives 1km away from the lake 

While we were resting under the shade yesterday, the nearby villager called up the police as he suspected we’re undocumented refugees from the war torn Middle Eastern region.

The police arrived and checked our passports, German and Malaysian respectively. As things cleared up, they wished us sretan put (Bon voyage) and went to inform the worried resident, later known as Stefan, about the situation. 

As we packed up and ready to leave for petrol station 10km away to get our water supply, Stefan came to offer us pears and water.

We took his offer and got a lot of fresh water. Without the need to go to the petrol station, the main task left for the night is to find a good and private spot so that we could take a shower, lay our mats on the grass and doze off to sleep.

Just as we bid farewell to Stefan and ready to leave, his neighbour Stepko came to us offering his place to camp out. 

I interpreted his message to Martin as he gave me a confused look; he doesn’t understand much Croatian.

We were happy to see the wide field available beside his house. He served us instant coffees, and we had a brief chat before more people came to join the table.

The night turned into a Croatian-German interpretation challenge amid relaxing chitchat.

They eventually offered a shower in their bathroom and later – a couch bed to rest our lethargic bodies on for the night.

We decided to leave early to catch the early sun, so that we could make it to a swimming pool in Vinkovci, 54km away before the mid day heat arrived. I would be content with a lake but Martin complained that the lakes in this region are not clean. 

One of the seven kitties they have

We woke up at 5am, bid farewell to Ivan, the son of Stepko, who assured that we would be anytime welcome again at his place.

Quick breakfast from the bakery – the dough was not baked thoroughly ☹

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  1. Jochen Dietrich says:

    Hallo Martin + Kher, good to know you are allright. You must already be close to the romanian border! Where do you plan to go in Romania? Until the the Black Sea? The weather in Romania is supposed to be less hot beginning the coming weekend (max 30°C, I hope they are right). Don´t forget to drink enough clean water. All the best for your Tour de Balkan. Jochen + Susanne / Frankfurt.


    1. kheryee says:

      Hallo Jochen & Susanne,
      We just arrived in Serbia three days ago. Yeap probably until the black sea, as Martin wants to go to Georgia by ferry. Thank you for your concern, we always have lots of water with us; and sometimes watermelons too! 😊
      Kher & Martin


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