Crossing Serbia on two wheels

Crossing the Croatian-Serbian border, Martin and I cycled through Backa Palanka, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin before bidding each other farewell to continue pedalling separately. 

As in Croatia, Serbian people were friendly too; we always got invited for kava (coffee) by them. 

After weeks-long frustration of not being able to find >90% alcohol for cooking purpose in Croatia, we got really excited when the first pharmacy in Serbia we popped into had it in stock. 

Cycling through the flat landscapes of Vojvodina region, we could feel some differences in comparison to Croatia. For one, the roads are worse. Uneven surfaces with potholes are a common sight along the main road we crossed.


Martin was happy to explore the wet market.

Making Kartoffelpuffer, potato pancake beside Danube river.

A man fishing by the river

..until nightfall 

We met Marija, a Serbian-Slovakian who was happy to converse with us in German.

She sold us her homemade cakes at 50 Dinars a piece. (0.42€)

Milan who spoke very Austrian German

Watermelons helped satisfy our thirst during the 40C week.

Kids riding a horse 

Grass bed for the night

I got a lot of punctures throughout the month. 

Martin wasn’t exactly happy with it.

He liked Novi Sad, as it’s much bigger, livelier and cheaper than Graz.

2€ – 3€ for the meat sandwich 

Meeting Tom, who cycled all the way down from London


My favourite girica, that costs ~5€ pro kilogram. Deep fried on the spot upon order.

We had 600g, which we agreed was too much for lunch! Half would have been great.

Camping in a corn field

Now you know who woke up earlier in the morning 😉

Too hot to wear a shirt

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