New chapter: Hungary

Look, it’s Magyarorszag!

This country with a hard-to-pronounce name seems to have a strange way of greeting its visitors. 

I basically checked in battling wind gusts up to 40km/h. 

I’m actually happy to be back on good old bicycle lanes. It’s been something I’ve not had for the past 2.5 months in Romania.

I even got hosted on the first night! I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Another thing that stood out upon my arrival in Hungary is driver’s consciousness. As much as I enjoyed my time in Romania, I definitely wish the drivers there could stop driving as if they’re running out of time (read: fast and aggressive).

That and the disappearance of wild dogs chasing me, mean that I could now ride after sunset. It’s quite an experience, seeing stars from the saddle.

And guess what, I got myself a thermal bath after the windy ride. It was as comforting as it could possibly be, after days of not having shower ☺

Language-wise, it’s definitely still a big challenge to me (and to many people learning Hungarian as well, I believe). I can now say simple greetings and words like tent, paprika… more to be learnt soon! 

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