New chapter: Hungary

Look, it’s Magyarorszag!

This country with a hard-to-pronounce name seems to have a strange way of greeting its visitors. 

I basically checked in battling wind gusts up to 40km/h. 

I’m actually happy to be back on good old bicycle lanes. It’s been something I’ve not had for the past 2.5 months in Romania.

I even got hosted on the first night! I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Another thing that stood out upon my arrival in Hungary is driver’s consciousness. As much as I enjoyed my time in Romania, I definitely wish the drivers there could stop driving as if they’re running out of time (read: fast and aggressive).

That and the disappearance of wild dogs chasing me, mean that I could now ride after sunset. It’s quite an experience, seeing stars from the saddle.

And guess what, I got myself a thermal bath after the windy ride. It was as comforting as it could possibly be, after days of not having shower ☺

Language-wise, it’s definitely still a big challenge to me (and to many people learning Hungarian as well, I believe). I can now say simple greetings and words like tent, paprika… more to be learnt soon! 

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  1. McCrae Conlin says:

    Be careful, other very beautiful asian women such ad you have needed money and turned there posts into urgent charities. We really only want to help with food and showers at our homes, not send money. At least I personally dondon’t want to. I just want to see the adventures


    1. kheryee says:

      Good for you. I don’t know who you are, but thank you for commenting on my post.


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