Hungary  = Windy?

“Is it always windy and rainy in Hungary?” I looked at the rain, puzzled. 
Five days ago I entered the country battling strong head winds. Today, it seemed to worsen. Cold, wind and rain are not a good combination.

“No, we have it only 10% of the time.”

“So I happened to come at the right time.”


Yesterday I got invited to a church event by the family that owned the ranch I was camping on the night before. They had elected a new pastor in the town of Soltvadkert. 

Made some little bread for breakfast 

In addition, they invited me to stay over at their place. I got to do my laundry, take an amazing bath and sample a variety of Hungarian cuisine. 

János, the Hungarian-English interpreter between the family and me

Delicious coconut rolls

They had a big screen in the living room, which I used to show them videos from my journey. I got a lot of joy when I saw their eyes concentrated on the screen 🙂

Check out my YouTube channel!

Today was a very tough day on the road, as the strong wind was blowing in my face the whole afternoon, followed by a sudden rain storm. The wind came at such a high speed that I immediately abandoned my bicycle and went to hide behind a tree, soaked wet and cold. 

It was so bad, that I let go of my wish to take shelter in a town 4km away. Instead, I went to hide under an old barn, with sheep, cows and pigs hanging around.

As the rain stopped one hour before sunset, I continued my journey north-west, still going against the wind. 

The sun goes down pretty early nowadays. I put on a reflective vest, a headlamp and continued pedalling to the town of Solt. I cycled hard and slow, getting only 8km/h while every stroke took an effort equivalent of 24km/h on flats without wind.

Taking a pause at the petrol station. The wind made my eyes teary 

To be continued 

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