Tök Tök: Pumpkin harvest day

As I took a break from the crazy wind in the petrol station, I looked up on Warmshowers to see if there are any hosts nearby. I wouldn’t possibly want to pitch my fragile tent in this situation. 

I found Milan’s profile 16km away from where I was. Since I didn’t have a Hungarian SIM card, I asked the patrons passing by if I could use their phone; the first person I asked told me he had no credit available. The second one, a truck driver, made his way back to his truck to retrieve his phone. 

I made the phone call, which got picked up within a few rings. I told him about the wind and apologised for such a spontaneous request. To my delight, Milan welcomed me to stay over. I handed the phone back to the man, thanked him and got a wink in return.

As I arrived at Milan’s, he gave me some homemade Palinka, fruit brandy to warm up. It’s very strong, but he said it’s not. I knew we had a big difference in alcohol tolerance. 

Anyway, after 1.5 shot and a warm dinner, I found things to be funnier than usual. He gave me his warm room and slept in the colder room. I collapsed onto the bed after taking a shower. It’s been a tough day.

The second day, I decided to take a break from the saddle and help him out on his farm.

Making our way to his farm

We harvested a lot of pumpkins. There were some not-so-ripe ones, which Milan decided to take risk by giving them more time to grow. If the temperature would get to the freezing point in the next days, he would lose the pumpkins. 

Lotsa pumpkins!

Video from the day!

I suggested us make some pumpkin pie, cake or something else. After the harvest, we went to collect dried grass to make compost.

We stored the produce in the hut, and went home with two pumpkins.

After lunch, I found some recipe for pumpkin buns online and we proceeded to make the dough. We used the machine to knead it. We boiled the pumpkin and let the water evaporate to get thicker consistency for the filling. After a long time, it’s still not thick enough. Milan decided to put in some potato starch to solve the problem.

Both of us were beginners in wrapping fillings in dough. Add to the fact that I wanted to make small buns with lots of pumpkin filling in it, it was no easy feat. I always got leaked pumpkin from my dough balls. 

Milan was also not good at it. Then he cheated by putting little filling into the dough. That way he proceeded to roll the stuffed balls nicely without spilling out the content.

I picked the best looking buns for the shot. The special looking ones are my creation!


Anyway, as we tasted the buns, we agreed that he had the best dough-filling ratio as mine was way too sweet to our liking. Way to go, Milan!

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