About me

Ciao, welcome to my personal site. I am Kher, a 22-year-old who grew up in a tropical land called Malaysia. In 2016, I did a solo bicycle tour from France to Bulgaria, covering over 4700km in the span of six months. The experience has shaped me in many ways I never thought possible. In 2017, I continue to embark on different adventures on this beautiful planet of ours.  This personal website is my attempt to share some of them with you, and perhaps encourage you to create your own little adventures.

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  1. Jochen Dietrich says:

    Hi Kher, I´m very impressed by your mental and moral power to stand all this long 16 month in row since you came to Europe in spring 2016, doing this enormes traveling over thousandes of kilometers crossing so many different countries! It is outstanding, I never heard about this before. I did long traveling at your age too, but never that long and extended. You are really couragous no doubt.But in future you better keep traveling in company, than homesickness will disapear soon (as I know). All the best, good luck and best wishes to Martin, Jochen Dietrich, father of Martin, Frankfurt, Germany.

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    1. kheryee says:

      Thank you Jochen for the kind words! Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sommer 😀


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